Saturday, May 7, 2011


The person or persons who started this blog did not anticipate their having a job. See you in 4 years and 2 months.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Week 2

Progress has once again been slow.
Seems to be something wrong with the power. Lost all notes. Twice.
Good thing we keep backups. Not on blog though. Frustrating.
Will continue as usual as of tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 04: Update

Semi-successes on the whole. Holoscreens work. Barely. Go on-and offline at random times.

Still, Wingspan industries is now fully functional. Will reside here while construction of underground lair begins. Decided to divide underground base into same 5 sectors. No single minion knows full layout and goings on.
Also, no constant traffic between underground, and above ground. Minions working in the lower levels stay there all day, and only after their shift go to the parking garage (also underground).

All minions and families reside at skyscraper nearby. Built by Johnson Construction in case of exactly this. Fully self-sufficient building. Recycling. Exception is food.

Day 04: Lamentations

There's been a week of delay due to an unfortunate incident with volatile chemicals and a rhinoceros.

Everything should recommence momentarily. Holoscreens are shipping in today. Testing when possible. Interactive, I heard. Thing of beauty.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Update from Wingspan

Don't have much time.
Wingspan is almost finished, Johnson construction is complete.

Construction of underground hubs will commence tomorrow, but full plans are not finished.
will oversee construction personally. Another update will probably follow on monday.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 02: A new beginning

Found the perfect location for a new base. Semi-remote island off the coast of Alaska. Connected to mainland with a bridge. Small local settlements on nearby islands and the island in question. Started a quintuple front. Construction has begun. Backstories and websites are being constructed. The 5 'companies' have formed a coalition to buy up the island.
Base will have to be divided into 5 separate hubs to avoid suspicion.

Wingspan Security will be used for hiring military personal. It's a valid excuse to have armed guards around the facilites at all times. A personal security company will also allow me to order heavy duty military equipment.

Frontier - Gas and Oil will be the front used for accidents, but should also create a stream of income, as fossil fuels are increasingly valuable, and the island in question has a supply of both.
Should anything explode during an experiment, gas leaks will provide ample excuse.
Heavy drilling equipment will also be supplied to them.

Aquano - Water Filtering
The 'green' front.
Several labs will be dedicated to looking for alternative energy sources, both for my own ends, and will gain the trust of the press and protesters.

U.R.S.I.S. - Urban Research Station for Intercontinental Species
If I ever deem it necessary to do biological testing, on animals or 'otherwise', these will take place here.

Johnsons Construction
Will be the first facility built, and will assure that no outsiders need to be brought in should part of the new base be compromised.

These five will occupy the island. I will go through details after this weekend, during which building will commence. Human resources will not have it easy. Many loyal workhands will be required. Not easy to come by.

Day 01: A Necessary Evil

Had another breakdown today.
Shot a minion in the knee because he was screaming because I'd shot him in the knee because my coffee was late. On-base psychologist said nothing was out of the ordinary. Typical insane evil genius quirks.
Not looking to be insane. Just evil. Genius preferable.

Shrink suggested diary. Get in touch with my human side. Would lead to less unnecessary maiming of minions. Though maiming is covered by healthcare, good minions are hard to come by. And keeping people on edge will only get you so far.

Diary too personal, too singular. Why expose self without an audience?

A blog could provide the right amount of distraction I need right now. Human error (has been disposed of) was responsible for not just failing of previous scheme, but also necessitated relocation. Have to start from scratch.

Wish I wasn't surrounded by fully competent minions, so I could I wish, verbally, I wasn't surrounded by incompetent fools. Good stress relief, bad on morale.

Pro's and Con's, I suppose. Just like this... blog.