Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 01: A Necessary Evil

Had another breakdown today.
Shot a minion in the knee because he was screaming because I'd shot him in the knee because my coffee was late. On-base psychologist said nothing was out of the ordinary. Typical insane evil genius quirks.
Not looking to be insane. Just evil. Genius preferable.

Shrink suggested diary. Get in touch with my human side. Would lead to less unnecessary maiming of minions. Though maiming is covered by healthcare, good minions are hard to come by. And keeping people on edge will only get you so far.

Diary too personal, too singular. Why expose self without an audience?

A blog could provide the right amount of distraction I need right now. Human error (has been disposed of) was responsible for not just failing of previous scheme, but also necessitated relocation. Have to start from scratch.

Wish I wasn't surrounded by fully competent minions, so I could I wish, verbally, I wasn't surrounded by incompetent fools. Good stress relief, bad on morale.

Pro's and Con's, I suppose. Just like this... blog.

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